The Rise of Digital Marketing in India

The Indian business community was quick to recognize the potential of Internet marketing in India when Internet services were launched on August 15, 1995 by VSNL. The following year, IndiaMart B2B market was launched, and with that the story of digital marketing in India began. This marked the start of a new era of trust and growth for e-commerce, Internet advertising, social media, online content, and services related to digital marketing. Companies began to use their online business channels to reach more people inside and outside the country.

The beginning of digital marketing in India dates back to the mid-1990s, and since then it has been slowly and steadily shaping up. What was once a slow-moving industry has now become a full-fledged, well-oiled competitive machine, without which the survival of advertising and marketing cannot be imagined. Digital marketing in the age of technology is a very useful tool that promotes people, services, products and companies through the virtual world. All traditional marketing methods are becoming fully or partially digital in order to have a much greater reach and to be more efficient and economical.

Web 2.0 is a read-write website which presents the power of interaction and creates the backbone of digital marketing by allowing us to provide content and interact with other users of the web. This has opened the door to e-commerce and other forms of digital marketing practices to achieve accelerated prosperity for the country. With 70 to 80% of Internet users in India already shopping online, e-commerce is rapidly becoming the default shopping medium and companies are establishing a strong online presence. As the infrastructure is expanded so that more people have access to the Internet, digital marketing in India will continue to reach new levels of transaction volume.