What is the Question Mark Symbol Called?

Have you ever wondered what the symbol '?' is called? It's a question mark, also known as an interrogation point, query, or erotema in journalism. It's a punctuation mark used to indicate that a sentence is a question. In Armenian, the question mark is a diacritical mark that takes the shape of an open circle and is placed over the last vowel of the question word. It is defined in Unicode in U+055E ARMENIAN QUESTION MARK.The question mark is also used in ASCII representations of the international phonetic alphabet, such as SAMPA, instead of the glottal stop symbol (which looks like? without the dot) and corresponds to the Unicode code point U+0294, LATIN LETTER GLOTAL STOP.

In linear logic, the question mark indicates one of the exponential modes that control weakening and contraction. An interrobang is a punctuation mark that consists of an exclamation mark and a question mark superimposed on top of each other.When writing a sentence that is a question, you don't need to use a question mark along with other final punctuation marks, such as a period or an exclamation mark. However, it's quite common to write it with a question mark and an exclamation mark. The question mark is one of the three main final signs of sentences; the other two are the period and the exclamation mark.In English, the question mark usually appears at the end of a sentence, where it replaces the dot (dot).

This is quite common in Spanish, where the use of question marks in square brackets explicitly indicates the scope of the interrogation. If the sentence begins with one of those words, it will most likely be a question and end with a question mark.Galician also uses the inverted opening question mark, although normally only in long sentences or in cases that would otherwise be ambiguous. The inverted question mark (¿) corresponds to the Unicode code point U+00BF ¿INVERTED QUESTION MARK (¿) and can be accessed from the Microsoft Windows keyboard in the default American layout by holding down the Alt key and typing 1 6 8 (ANSI) or 0 1 9 1 (Unicode) on the numeric keypad.